I am learning to fly a glider. I also used to be very scared of flying.

What happened?

Well, let me just say: I fell. Metaphorically.

This blog is about me learning to fly. It is about everything it takes – and believe me, of me that is a lot. I want to take you on a dizzying ride on my way to getting my license. Be warned. You will need stamina. In Germany getting a glider license is a long and thorough training. To be exact at least two and a half years. If you are good… I am more sort of a penguin helplessly flapping her wings, when it comes to my talent in flying. But smooth and easy rides seldom make the best stories, right?

My name is Kristina and I am very happy to welcome you on board this ASK21. Please fasten your seat belt and ensure that your parachute is tightly secured. Yes, you do get a parachute – let’s hope we don’t need it.

Ready for take off?


One of my first training flights on the ASW21 on the airfield of Osterholz-Scharmbeck (never mind looking it up on the map, it’s a small, negligible town in the North of Germany).

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